Monday, August 23, 2010

Charleston Crepe Company

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

I am in love with chocolate...but I know that must be obvious to many of you. What you don't know is that I am also in love with crepes. My favorite...crepes with bananas and maple syrup. I married a pancake and waffle man so unfortunately they don't seem to make it into our kitchen that often..I was so obsessed with crepes at one time that Auntie Meg (as the Monster lovingly calls her) gave me a real crepe pan and it sadly has been sitting
in my pantry for the past 18-20 years...
But I have been inspired to take that pan, dust it off and introduce crepes to the Monster.
Where did this inspiration come from you ask?
Well, I have been following a fabulous little company over the past few years, The Charleston Crepe Company, and have watched it grow from a simple crepe stand to an unbelievably successful business. The irony...It is owned by my college roommate, Rachel Osborne Byrne and her husband Jack.
While I was tooting away in Florence, Italy, Rachel was living in Belgium and falling in love with her now husband Jack. So while living in the crepe motherland, Rachel and Jack picked up a thing or two about making crepes. Thus moving back to Charleston, SC (a place where I dream and hope to retire to) Charleston Crepe Company was born. Years later, they have added Holy City Chocolate (YUM!) that has the most amazing toffees and Hot Chocolate and a delectable dessert for all you brides...The Tiered Crepe Cake!

Rachel and Jack Byrne

This Tiered Crepe Cake is perfect for all of you out-of-the-box brides!!
So you don't live in Charleston? No worries..They deliver ANYWHERE!

Check out their recent press as they made their debut in the most recent issue of Brides Magazine!!

So next year marks our 10th wedding anniversary and I believe there might be a renewing of the vows..I absolutely now know what I shall be serving for dessert..Can you guess which one?

Of course..the chocolate tiered crepe cake!!
But what stand shall I put this beautiful confection on?

This amazing hand made ceramic cake stand by Whitney Smith!!

Rachel, Sabu and Me

As I watch people cringe as they say they are turning the big 4-0, I have realized that I am having the time of my life...
I get to watch all my friends find love, start a family and finally find passion for what they love to do.

So a huge congrats to my old roomie Rachel and her husband Jack for being an inspiration to us all..Because if you stick to it and believe..the possibilities are endless!!

Rach..We've come a long way from creosoting miles of cow fencing, Hardees Biscuits N' Gravy and boxed brownies..
Cheers my dear!
I can't wait to see what the next 20 years shall bring!!



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

no way! this is too fabulous!!!

wesson said...

I thought you might like those Miss Sparkle & Hay..So French!! OOOhh La La!