Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sparkle a Day keeps the Doctor Away.....

I am convinced that a sparkle a day keeps the doctor away. I promised I would show you the fruits of Miss O's labor and now I am delivering. Since I found out this past spring that I would need reading glasses, she and I concocted a plan for her to make me my very own eyeglass chain...So it couldn't be more fitting than to have it made on my birthday.
So we headed over to You've Got To Be Beading in Mystic, CT for a day filled with sparkle, creativity, pink and spending quality time with a person you love.

Miss O in front of You've Got To Be Beading! in Mystic CT.
Little did we know how many choices there would be...
I fell in love with these apothecary jars filled with teeny tiny seed beads!

These 1.5 " beads are made from cotton and are light as a feather!!

How could anyone decide....
Vintage glass and silver bowls are filled to the brim!!!

So I picked 3 different colors and types of seed beads which Miss O quickly started to combine...

How decadent and girly to work under a glass chandelier!!

The first beads are on.....many more to go!!

Miss O had to bead almost 3 feet in length!! She always seems to inspire me!

As a treat, she picked out some beads to make her very own eyeglass chain and we thought the color matched her lips perfectly!!

Tada!! I think she needs to start her own Etsy shop!!!

Thank you Miss O for an amazing day and a gift that I will cherish always and forever!

A huge thanks to Katie at You've Got to Be Beading..your warm smile and patience absolutely made our day!!

All Images by Chocolate Creative Design

I couldn't help but mention an spectacular giveaway by Sparkle and Hay and Sparkle and Metal!!

I am madly in love with the Natasha necklace created by Sparkle and Metal...
Hop on over to Sparkle and Hay for a chance to win one!!
Hurry Hurry as the contest ends this Friday August 20th!!


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