Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Lace and Zinnias

Images by Chocolate Creative Design

Over the years I have been strategically trying to plant the perfect cutting garden. Trust me when I say I have tried everything. The winner in this love/hate relationship seems to come out to the Zinnia. They can take quite a beating, magically produce more flowers when you cut them and last from early summer throughout the fall.
I am convinced that if the world came to an end in Stonington, CT that 4 things would survive...
Mice, Japanese Beetles, Chipmunks and Zinnias.
Now that we are nearing the end of summer, I see a garden filled with Zinnias and fields draped with Queen Anne's Lace. They seem to have been forgotten in the world of weddings but I was so happy to see them back in The Grace Ormonde Shoot that we did last week!
I also have had lace and gardens on the brain since I have 2 clients (a wedding invitation suite and a logo) that I have incorporated both of these elements..
I guess you will all just have to wait and see...Soon I promise!!

Vintage Lace Dress: Cornhl, Zinnia image: Gardening Gone Wild, Lace gloves image: Going to the Chapel, Vintage Lace Jacket: Timeless Vixen Vintage, Cake: Going to the Chapel
Fruit Ice Cream: Mary Ruffle, Lace Skirt: Anthropologie, Plum Popsicles: Country Living, Candlestick, Anthropologie, Pillow: Anthropologie
Earrings, Anthropologie, Lace Votive: Sunday Suppers, Lace Dress Image: Going to the Chapel, Zinnia Plate: Zinnia Design tc, Zinnia Invitation: Up Up
Plates, Flowers, Lace Bowl: Isabelle Abramson, Zinnias: Mahanandi

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Meredith said...

I've been buying zinnias like crazy at the farmer's market lately, and I just made an arrangement of Queen Anne's lace & other wildflowers last week. What perfect flowers! Would you mind letting me know when you would recommend planting zinnias? I'd really appreciate it!

wesson said...

Aren't they the best Meredith!! There are so many kinds out there! I have never done it by seed yet..too lazy but one of my favorites and rare is a light green color. This year I bought a couple flats of the State Fair...I usually plant towards the ned of May when fear of frost is gone...Right now the monster calls it a jungle of flowers as I planted them a little closer together than they reccommend...I can never find them at Home Depot etc..always at my local garden center Adam's Garden of Eden..although i might consider ordering some online for more interesting types!