Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards....Summer or Fall?

As we are leaving August behind and entering into September, the East Coast is at an oppressive 90 degrees with the possibility of a hurricane named Earl who seems to be quickly making his way up the coast. The heat doesn't affect me much as I am by no means a Fall and Winter girl..Give me the Spring and Summer any day! Yet I have found that it can be extremely tough on the September bride and groom. Technically it's not Fall till the 21st of September, so what's a couple to do? I say marry the colors of the Fall and Summer palettes and you will be golden. For instance, by taking a summer hue such as Robin's Egg Blue and mixing it with a Rust Orange from Fall, you will have a combination that is both airy and rich. By mixing textures such as a Rust Orange Satin and a Robin's Egg Velvet you have brought it just one step further.

I can't think of anything more luxurious than soft hued velvets and satins.

Now for that pesky hurricane....

Jewelry Box: Country Living, Velvet Dress: Softspoken, Necklace: Anthropologie, Vintage Image:
Votive:Anthropologie, Dining Room:Centsationalgirl, Vintage Dress:Deargoldenvintage, Curtains: CocoCozy
Velvet Flowers: weheartit, Orange Dessert:GoingtotheChapel, Print:FFFFOUND, Vintage Plate:Quatrefleurs, Clutch: ao3designs
Satin Flats: Sundance, Velvet Pumpkins: weheartit, Vintage Purse:Vintagous, Velvet Ribbon:Silkfabric,
Escort Cards: Martha Stewart, Velvet Pillow: Urban Outfitters, Shoes:The Knot, Paisley Tie: The Knot

Board created and designed by Chocolate Creative Design


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