Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Image via Martha Stewart
So you've spent hours upon hours basting, roasting and watching your turkey finally turn that rich golden brown. The meal lasts all about 3 hours and then.....the leftovers...One of the most delicious sandwiches ever made is with leftover thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and cranberry jelly...hmmm..But what do you do when you still have guests over and have to make another dinner the next night? Well thank god for one of the best magazines EVER published...Everyday Food by Martha Stewart. I could go on and on about this magazine..I have been receiving it for years and have saved Every one...In the Thanksgiving issue, I found something a little different....but very delicious!
We LOVE curry in our house and the Monster is obsessed with broccoli but for those who are not his is the perfect way to hide it and use up that turkey!
What Wasp could resist a good casserole?!

And for Dessert..

In my opinion..you can never have enough pumpkin...
So buy 1 more can when you shop for the pie, make it the same day and then refrigerate.
Voila...yummy new dessert!!

Happy eating everyone!!


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