Friday, November 5, 2010

Ohhh Tommy...ducks and wood paneling.....

I was incredibly honored when Justin and Mary Marantz asked me to create the paper details for their Walk Through a Wedding Workshop this past October (I am dying to see the whole shoot! Patience, Patience). The sweet as pie, Julia Gargano, created the brilliant mood board above. Yet like every good designer, I had to do a little more research so as to get into character. wasn't very hard as all I had to do was channel my inner wasp. In doing so, I found the most fabulous photoshoot from the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 line that hit me right to the core.
There she, boxy and beautiful with gorgeous wood paneling. If there ever was a car that could make me weak at the knees, it would have to be the Jeep Grand Wagoneer circa 1984. One day I say, I will own this car. pollutes our air, guzzles gas by the gallons but the memories are priceless. My best friend's father owned one and fortunately for me, she was a year older so this was our chariot of choice. So many adventures, so many laughs, our first taste of freedom and I can still hear "Young Americans" by Bowie and "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" by the Gap Band playing at the highest level possible (that would be 11). This is what I call "Old School Prep" at its best and Mr. Hilfiger certainly gets an A+ for re-creating it with a modern twist! So what do "Old-School Preps" wear you ask?

"Old School Preps" don't wear anything new...They love things to be frayed and faded. Men certainly don't wear polos with their collars turned up or brand new Nantucket Reds...They wear broken-in white button-down oxfords with a small monogram on the pocket with faded Levis or faded Nantucket Reds that are frayed at the hem because they are a little too long and.... wasps don't have cabooses. They wear L.L. bean boots that have been methodically broken in by the saltwater while the laces have been tied halfway-up and into perfect Sailor's knots. Most importantly, they NEVER wear socks..especially with penny loafers!
Women, well women also wear the coveted L.L. Bean boots but they are mixed with a string of pearls and perhaps a handed-down charm bracelet. As for is never new, it is always vintage and often swiped from Nana's or Mumsey's closet.
There is always a wool plaid blanket in the back of the car for an impromptu tailgate (vintage monogrammed silver flask included and conveniently tucked away).

So....Mr. certainly got it right and I absolutely would love those super delish high heeled duck boots. But alas, I know I would break my neck chasing after my monster on the rocky shoreline of Connecticut...sooo

I might just have to stick to the new and improved one from L.L. Bean...Shearling..where have you been all my life??

Now forget that Preppy Handbook...The real scoop on Wasps is The Wasp Cookbook by Alexandra Wentworth. Genius and hysterical..a must read!

So... Thank you Marantz's for taking me down memory lane, Thank you Mr. Hilfiger for getting it right and Thank you Mr. Allen for allowing your daughter and I to have SO much fun in your car.



Meredith said...

Love this post! I just tried on the Shearling Bean Boots while I was at the flagship store a couple of weeks ago. They were so comfy- I think I'm going to go back and get them!

wesson said...

Thank you so much Meredith!!! Please Please let me know what you think!! You are a perfect tester living up in Maine! BTW I LOVE your blog and your studio looks Amazing!! Great work!

Hope Ava said...

Ooh, I have been drooling over that ad campaign in my magazines for a month now...I too adore those ridiculously impractical but oh so delectable boots! They are just the right color and have such yummy details. And lately I have been combing etsy for wonderful plaid and striped wool blankets because they just never go out of style...I have 4 in my collection now. Want more.

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!
Hope Ava

wesson said...

Thanks Hope!!! I am inspired daily on your blog!!! You are can never have enough wool blankets!!
Loved the Sparkle post you did!!

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