Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Succulents and such....

Last night as I was leafing through my December issue of Instyle Magazine, I couldn't help but notice this amazingly beautiful succulent wreath available at Viva Terra. Now I know what you're thinking...Lucinda, wreaths?? We haven't even gotten through Thanksgiving! Well I say..Why not? Why not use this as table decor for your Thanksgiving table and then hang it on your door for the Holiday season!
I will let you in on a little secret...I LOVE gardening...but I kill houseplants! Sadly, I am not even kidding and the only one that I have successfully maintained is a very teeny tiny cactus.
Therefore, I have become quite obsessed with these low maintenance( and hopefully death proof) plants.
So, I scoured through the internet to find some great succulent ideas for the Thanksgiving table.

I found...

That they can look great in a rustic setting....

Image found via Frolic

image found via House Beautiful

Image found via House Beautiful

Image found via Real Simple

Images found via Jodi Miller Photography

Images found via Jodi Miller Photography

Even better when placed in Grandma's silver that sadly only comes out during the holidays..

Image found via Antique Chase

Image found via Country Living

Image found via JL Designs

Too add some color....

Image found via Country Living

Why not scour through the backyard and cut some of those beautiful yet very invasive bittersweet vines...
which come in beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red.

and then..

For the Holidays..Keep the succulents out and add some Cranberries, Holly berries and/or Pepperberries..

So there you have it, easy peasey, beautiful, low maintenance, DIY and a touch of recycling which is always good for our Earth...



jacin said...

oh wow! check out the succulent on the boutonniere i put up on valley & co today! love the little details :)

wesson said...

Great Minds think alike Miss Jacin!!!

la petite coquine said...

I absolutely loved these wreaths-why not get one for Thanksgiving and keep it through the New Year?