Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Gifts are the Ones you Give... A Connecticut Christmas

This past weekend Abby and I volunteered for "A Connecticut Christmas" with a bunch of super talented, amazing people (including Heather Colby, Carol Dahlke, Ann Nyberg and Anna Rubino, the four women behind this incredible event) to raise money for Tiffany Farms (A Connecticut dairy farm since 1841 suffered a barn fire in September and are in need of replacing all of the hay for the animals as well as the barn) and The Connecticut Food Bank. Together with over 50 vendors, (fresh produce, arts, ornaments, olive oil, clothes, toys, biscotti, soaps, desserts, coffee...) donating 15% of all sales to Tiffany Farm, we were able to raise 3 tons of food for the CT Food Bank and several thousands of dollars for Tiffany Farm. It was a day of coming together as a community, and truly a special day that reminded us all of the spirit of Christmas! For those unable to attend the event you can still make donations directly to Tiffany Farm and the Connecticut Food Bank. To me this is the best gift of all, the gift of giving!

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