Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the city... Union Square Market a must shop!

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays in NYC are the winter markets that pop up throughout the city. Last night I had the chance to browse through 100's of vendor booths set up in Union Square, I could browse through there for hours (jewelry, hats, scarves, loose tea, ornaments, skin care, pottery, artisan chocolates, artwork, etc). I love how unique the gifts are and how talented the artisans are that set up shop for the holiday season. A few of my favorite vendors at the market I thought I would share with you all as you finish up your holiday shopping. Most of these vendors also sell online so if you can't make it into the city you can still shop.

Bailey Doesn't Bark- a contemporary home and life accessories™ company inspired by memories, dreams and nature, offers handmade tableware, home accents, jewelry and locally produced paper goods.

This was one of my favorites! A post card mug that you can customize the message on.

Wonder Warmers- Instantly activated reusable heat pads.

With the cold temps we have been having in the Northeast and after walking around in the city for a few days, these were a must buy! They are so warm and toasty, and last forever, you just have to reboil after you use!

Craftspring- handmade ornaments and gifts designed and handcrafted in workshops started and run by women entrepreneurs, using 100% natural, locally produced wool in Kyrgyzstan.

The most adorable, handmade ornaments!

Vivo- Dead Sea Salt
I was on my way out of the market when a woman from the corner booth got my attention and convinced me to try this sea salt while rubbing it between my two hands, rinsing it off with warm water. As I did I was not convinced that this would be any different than other sea salts I have tried or body sugar, but this was unbelievable. My hands were silky smooth and so soft. I couldn't resist. This is a luxury gift for someone that deserves a little pampering.


Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

OMG i want that mug!!!! looks like such fun!! :)

la petite coquine said...

That postcard mug is amazing! I miss the Union Square market, but I'm headed to an SF craft fair this weekend which will hopefully do the trick!