Sunday, January 18, 2009

Princess for a Day... True and Wesson Photoshoot

Everyone has the same sort of list in his or her lives. It may be on a fridge, carelessly shoved in a drawer and crumpled in the back, or simply filed away in our minds. As I have grown older, my “before I kick the bucket” list has been prominently displayed on my desk, always being added to and sometimes subtracted from.

To all you ladies out there, I know somewhere on your list is to be Giselle for a day. What woman between the ages of 1-100 wouldn't want to have their own personal photo shoot with photographer and makeup artists? Well, Sarah and I were lucky enough to cross that item off our lists. We had the privilege to have makeup artist Jennie Fresa and photographers, Justin and Mary Marantz, make us into princesses for a day for our first photo shoot for True & Wesson.

The morning began with Jennie Fresa, only 2 weeks away from her own wedding, who graciously traveled to our new studio in Stonington to support us. She is one of the most talented up and coming young makeup artists in the industry. She is not only the sweetest person, but is as cute as a button to boot. Jennie uses Trish McEvoy makeup, which we just love, as the colors are natural and warm. Jennie did her magic and gently painted our faces with her brushes, and when we looked in the mirror, we just glowed. She really had her work cut out for her that day with major dry winter skin and the horrible gleam of the overhead florescent lighting. She prevailed as she always does. She got me so hooked on the individual false eyelashes she meticulously put on me, I had to fight off Sarah who wanted to pull them off for fear of infection.

Finally with faces in place, it was Justin and Mary Marantz’s turn, an amazing husband and wife team who could turn even Jocelyn Wildenstein into a beauty. Although I majored in photography and have spent many years behind the lens, to be in front of the camera makes me extremely uncomfortable. But with Justin and Mary, I was able to relinquish all of my control and summon my inner Giselle. Watching them was like watching a choreographed dance. One is like a cat, moving too quick for you to notice, the other on the floor making you laugh and feel at ease. You can feel the love between them and you just know that they truly love what they do. Because of their passion for photographing people and building relationships, they have formed lasting friendships with their clients. They have the ability to bring out the best in everyone.

The 3 of them spent three hours with us out of the kindness of their hearts and pockets, collaborating to give us images for our marketing materials and websites to start our new businesses.

It was a dream come true for Sarah and I to work with amazingly talented vendors who also have beautiful personalities.

So here it is, a giant shout-out, props, holla, and high-five to Justin, Mary and Jennie!!

Visit their websites and you too will see how lucky we are to have these amazing super-humans in our lives.

p.s.( The amazing Yumiko Fletcher who owns Hana Floral Design created the fabulous feather and orchid arrangement.)

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justin said...

You guys ROCK!! You made it easy!