Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Mermaid Inspiration Board... Turquoise and Fuschia

We have gotten so much better over the last couple of months of really paying attention to giving credit for the images used in our boards. Unfortunately with this board there are a number of images that we had in our library of images collected over the years, that we don't know where they came from. So if any of the images are yours or you know the source please let us know so we can provide the credit. We just thought it was way too pretty not to share with you all. And perfect for our fairy tale theme and first day of spring, inspired by the Little Mermaid.

1. Cake-The Cakegirls
2. Bottles-Style Me Pretty
3. Candelabra
4. Seaglass votives
5. Dress
6. Flowers image- Absolutely Beautiful Things
7. Silver shell-Geoffrey Sokol
8. Blue tinted glass, Party Rental Ltd.
9. Mermaid napkin ring- Bijoux de la Mer
10. Hors doeuvres
11. Blue tinted plate, Party Rental Ltd.
12. Candy bar,
13. Wedding dress- Carolina Herrera
14. Watermelon drink, image from Domino Magazine, via snippet & ink
15. Present-Julie Flynn
16. Blue bottles
17. Orchid-Modern Day Design
18. Pink arrangement
19. Chairs- Michelle Rago
20. Invitation- Ceci New York
21. Pink Roses-Stylecourt
22. Place setting-

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