Thursday, March 19, 2009

My thoughts Exactly...

Since the launch of TRUE event I really couldn't ever imagine not having my own company and working for someone else. There is just something so amazing about having my own business and running it exactly as I see fit and following my philosophy in business and life, never compromising my vision. But yesterday on my Facebook page I posted that I miss the 9-5 but what I really meant was this.

so sometimes this blog serves as a random collections of thoughts, an outlet for design inspiration, or just as a source of energy to communicate with the outside world. while i love having my own company, i miss the interaction of having people to talk to over your morning my old firm, i had four other girls that i still consider great friends...we knew every aspect of each others lives (literally b/c we had been together for five yrs), we would vent when things were going wrong, we would laugh until our bellies hurt, we would drink wine together when the clock hit 5:00...i miss that part... if i was in an office this AM, i would pour a cup of coffee and then go sit on the desk of a fellow coworker and say "did you see the city last night...jay's crying looked ridiculously fake" or "i hate random white vans...they totally crept me out whenever i see them in my neighborhood" or "gosh, i hope the teachers at tay's school don't think i am a degenerate mom b/c i put a white skirt on my child before easter".... instead, i'll think those thoughts to myself...sip my reheated coffee and pray it doesn't get cold before this post ends.... (via pink wallpaper)

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Geoffrey R. Boka said...

I totally relate. i would love to be able to vent about stupid Jay or how weird the weather's being. I have to contain my chatting to the virtual water cooler of IM. totally sucks for an extrovert like me.