Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Typefaces...Spring Grass

The first day of spring has finally arrived!!  Spring and summer are ultimately my favorite months, hands down.  I am able to emerge like a bear who has been in hibernation for five months, able to finally feel the sun on my face. Somehow every year, it always surprises me when the birds finally come out to sing.  To realize how silent winter has been and having to adjust my ears to the noise as it sounds like a bird convention outside my door.  The crocuses follow the birds with their dabs of color throughout people's barren lawns. The "peepers" in the pond follow the birds with their songs at night. I can now finally smell the salt from the ocean. The new grass emerges, soft and sweet ready for cutting.  It is finally time for my ladies to bloom, fragrant white lilacs and pink peonies, just in time for Mother's Day.  As Mr. Rip says, (he lovingly cares for the Island),"Spring is a 100 shades of green." 

Grass font ready to be cut found via Hand Made Font

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Anna said...

LOVE this grassy font! Or maybe I just love spring. So glad it is here, cool days and all.