Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grace Ormonde Photoshoot... Modern Coastal Opulence

The Jewel Tone Color Palette we were provided for table design.
On-site at Loading Dock, Production began at 9am.
Ashley from Hana Floral Design. Note the coral pattern in the center of the runner, it was fabulous!
Capiz Shell Chandeliers, Lucite Table, Oyster Burlap and Floral runner with Coral Pattern down the center.
Pearl Lustreware Chargers, Crystal candlesticks, Hand painted Menus and Sea fan decoration on chair, Pink Stemware
Photos from my digital camera, we can't wait to see the images Matthew Wagner took, he is brilliant!
Matching Bouquet, Capiz Shell Wrap (Hana Floral Design)

We were so honored to be asked to design a table for the January issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine yesterday at the Loading Dock in Stamford. The Creative Direction we were given was to create a table that illustrated Modern Opulence, using fashion for inspiration and that was in the jewel tone color palette provided above. "A very fresh, romantic, clean, yet fashion forward table design."

Table Details: We took the inspiration provided and incorporated coastal design elements, using the capiz shell chandeliers, handpainted coral menus, sea fans on the backs of the chairs and pearl lustreware chargers that had the same sheen as the capiz shell lighting. Down the center of the table we ran a natural burlap runner to add texture to the lucite table with a handmade floral runner of over 400 pink carnations. Running down the center of the floral runner were 100 hot pink carnations that mirrored the coral design on the menus.

Together we have created hundreds of "coastal" weddings, but this by far is one of our favorite designs! Can't wait to create this table for a full event.

Thank you to everyone that collaborated with us on this design we couldn't have done it without you!

Table Design: True & Wesson (True Event & Chocolate Creative Design)
Floral Design: Hana Floral Design
Stationary: Chocolate Creative Design (Wesson)
Rentals: Party Rental Ltd.
Table/Chairs: Taylor Creative Inc.

Photographer: Matthew Wagner

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