Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach Time...

Nags Head, NC

There is something so relaxing and amazing about spending a week at the beach. It took me a couple days to slow down, sit still, get into a great book, and just be. The best part of being on vacation is no one ever needs to know what time it is, there is no place to be or schedule to follow. The worst part about vacation is that it always takes me until the last day to relax then it is time to go back home.

Even though I haven't thought much about time this week while sitting on the beach, reading the new issue of Lucky I came across the most adorable Pendant watches. That have moved to the top of my must have list for fall. They are the perfect accessory to an outfit and are a great solution for me as I usually don't like wearing a watch on my wrist. A couple of my favorites are (via Lucky Magazine)...

1. Gold Plated "Zip" Pendant Watch Necklace, $175, Marc Jacobs

2. Gold-Plated Ring Watch, $58,

3. Diamond Detail Watch Charm, $430, Sterling Silver Chain, $165, Links of London #888-295-4657

1 comment:

Anna Sawin said...

Love it, perfect for events. Though like I need something else around around my neck besides two cameras and a bag at weddings! Well, perfect for OTHER people!