Friday, August 21, 2009

New Packaging for the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library

Makeup. Makeup and I have not been the best of friends over the course of my life. One would think that an artist who can paint portraits could paint their own face. Unfortunately, I am completely inept. When I actually do try to put makeup on, it has scared even some of the closest of friends. Fortunately, that all changed when I met the fabulous Ms. Jennie Fresa a few years ago.

It was at the Island and she was with one of our brides. From the doorway, I watched this sweet little fairy (brow furrowed deep in concentration) gracefully and softly and rather swiftly transform a girl (who like myself didn't wear makeup) into a glowing work of art. But don't get me wrong, she's not all pixie dust, she has the confidence of a tiger. She truly has an amazing talent and has the ability to make even the most nervous bride feel as though they REALLY are the most important person in the room. Many leave Jennie and feel as though they have found a friend for life. This is exactly the person who should be with the bride right before her ceremony!!

After leaving NYC and moving to the country much of my "girliness" was lost along the way. It also hasn't helped that I am constantly catching crayfish, praying mantises and frogs with my 6 year old son. But when Jennie put on my first pair of false eyelashes for Sarah and I's shoot with the
Marantz's something happened...I became a girl again.

So, when she told me that she had finally made the decision to go ahead and create her own makeup line, I couldn't be more pleased. But when she asked me to help her create a new logo for the packaging...well..I was ecstatic!!

Of all the logos I have created over the years, this has to be this one I am most pleased with (yes, I love yours too Ms. True! is a tie!).
So...I can't wait to get some "me" time and head to The Beauty Library to pick up some more of her line!! I honestly swear by her Safari Mineral Bronzer in makes even the most exhausted looking Mom glow like Giselle!

So a big hooray and thank you to Ms. Jennie!! And a big thank you to the talented
Carrie Roseman for the fabulous photographs!!

The Fabulous Ms. Jennie Fresa!

The warm and welcoming entrance to The Beauty Library


TRUE Event said...

So fabulous! You girls rock! This is the best Collection of makeup I have owned. It truly is a remarkable line of products!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lucinda for this beautiful post. I feel so loved and grateful to have such amazing people like yourself in my life! Cheers to your amazing talent! Many thanks again and again!!! Jennie

Carrie Roseman said...

The makeup packaging, design, and product itself look amazing! I'm so excited that I got to be part of helping promote such a fabulous line of makeup, and the makeup stylings of Jennie! Great job, Lucinda! I'm loving her new logo!