Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reward for lost paddle...

We just came back from a super relaxing vacation on Lake Champlain in Charlotte, Vermont. No phone, no T.V. and no internet. I highly recommend trying to eliminate all three things for a solid week. While there, one of our neighbors happened to lose his paddle from his kayak. This was no ordinary paddle, it was especially made for him by one of his good friends. So right before he started putting up his reward signs, I found it washed up on our little beach. Who knew that he would actually give a reward? I was just so happy to find such a special part of someone's life and give it back to them.

Packed perfectly into a plastic zip pouch (so as not to get wet on the paddle over) were two beautiful orange boxes and inside, the most amazing gifts. Little did we know that Tom O'Brien (our neighbor) is one of the co-founders of The Wallet Pen. Made by hand in Charlotte, Vermont, this pen is a god-send! I can't tell you how many times I search through a huge purse of @$$*&% to find a pen! Beautifully crafted out of Sterling Silver, it writes like a dream! He was also kind enough to engrave our place's name and date on them! It truly makes a perfect gift! Oprah apparently thinks so too as she put it on her O list of 2006!
So.. thank you Tom O'Brien for the fabulous new find as well as still allowing the magic in finding out "who are the people in your neighborhood."

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tomOpens said...

Pens, paddle and new friends, couldn't design it better.
Thank you.