Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting... Rene Barbier Mediterranean White

Wine of the Week
Rene Barbier Mediterranean White

I usually try to stay around the $10 price point with my Friday wine tastings so this one will almost seem too cheap to be good. But I love this summer white! It is the perfect summer party wine, and the bottle is so pretty! I had this a couple of years ago at a wine seminar at Chamard Vineyard with wine expert Len Guilino and was reminded of it when I saw it on the shelf down on the Outerbanks.

Its clean and crisp, with lemon, some minerality and a floral aroma. I have to load up so that I always have one in the fridge for an unexpected visitor. One Caveat: Make sure it's well chilled. The warmer the wine gets, the thinner and less interesting it tastes. Happy Friday!

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