Friday, October 30, 2009

The Great Pumpkin....

Ahh..the classic American Halloween Party...Every American child has either hosted or been a guest at the most creative party of the year. But how do we communicate the fun and creativity as adults?! I absolutely LOVE this Halloween Party designed by Country Living (without the clown of course!). The re-use of the galvanized tub is to die for!!! Locate that inner child and for once let go and have fun!!

The way to a creative Halloween is in the pumpkin!!
You don't have to be a master carver just think outside the box and have fun!!

Image found via Country Living

Image found via Country Living

Maybe Ms. True should have some of these at her opening..hint hint..

Image found via Country Living.
Finally a use for Candy Corns!!



Meg Farrell said...

You made my day, again LSW! You are a creative genius whose sensitivity to the past, passion to live in the present and commitment to a sustainable future - inspires me even when my day is crap.

wesson said...

You are too sweet Meg!!! If I can inspire at least 1 person a day then I have done my job!! Thank you!