Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tag Sale Find Turned Fabulous...

First Step was to clean with a metal wire brush, sand with an electric sander, and prime the chairs to be painted.(Biggest mistake in this project was not getting a real before picture.) These chairs had been sitting in an attic for over 30 years, and were filthy when I found them on the side of the street at a Tag Sale.

Then the painting began, requiring many coats. I chose a high gloss white enamel paint, which is much harder to work with then flat paint, but gave them a nice shiny finish.
Fabric by the absolutely fabulous designer Anna Maria from her Good Folks Collection, Kitchen Curtains.
Amy Butler, Lotus Wall Flower Taupe

The finished chairs lined up in my living room ready to go to the new studio.

As you recall I blogged about my tag sale chairs a while back and spent months looking at them in the garage painted but with no seats, until I finally decided on fabric. And I must say I am so pleased with the way they turned out. Alot of work from start to finish, but well worth the project.


Anna Sawin said...

Those fabrics are AMAZING! Nice job and serious inspiration for tag sale finds everywhere. Can't wait to see them in person!

the dream team said...

I LOVE doing these type of projects. There is nothing more satisfying than giving new life to old treasurers. Nice job and best of luck in your new studio!

Buzz Media Company said...

Love it! What an inspiration, Sarah! The Fabrics are fantastic. We had Amy Butler for runners etc throughout our wedding. Love the bold,graphic prints. perfect with the gloss white---we look forward to seeing your new studio Sunday!
Erica + Mike