Thursday, December 24, 2009

Champagne Bubbles, Sugar Plums and Seven Swans a Swimming....The End!

The sun is setting, casting brilliant shades of purple, pink and turquoise which illuminate the happy couple. The rhinestones in her dress dance in the light and allow it to come alive...

Everyone grabs a candle..

and makes wishes on the full moon for the new couple!!

As the candles blow out, a wish has been made and remnants of the celebration are left over on a little one's nose...

The moon rises over the barn..

A perfect end to a perfect day!

Our wish at True & Wesson is for everyone to have peace, love and a creative spirit for 2010!

Stay tuned in 2010 for some great posts featuring all the wonderful players from this magical shoot!!

Many thanks to the following for their kindness, support and creative spirit!!
All my Love-Lucinda, Chocolate Creative Design

Photography: Anna Sawin, Anna Sawin Photography

Flowers: Yumiko Fletcher, Hana Floral Design

Hair & Makeup: Jennie Fresa & Lindsay Milan, Jennie Fresa Beauty Library

Clothing/Styling: Women- Tove Vigen, Tova’s Vintage

Film/Video: Mike Cyr. Buzz Media Company

Rentals: Rental Unlimited (three silk linens, napkins and tinted glassware)

Models: Nicole Frechette, Crista Taylor, Tove Vigen, Chelsea Tyler, Steve DePino,

Jayson Drobiak, Gabriella Taylor, Henry Sawin and Sophie Heublein

A very special thanks to Sarah True of True Event for feeding the troops and putting her sparkle into the finishing touches on the set.

Venue: Island Farm on Elihu Island


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