Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Ruffles...

Ms. True and I have been working like little worker bees on our table for the upcoming Fairy Tale Ball this Satuday, so what would be more fitting than a Mood Board created for a Princess. I did a post awhile back on ruffles but when I saw these ruffled panties and corset on Etsy, I was inspired! They are a bit risque and yet innocent at the same time but what bride doesn't want to evoke both? A palette of various shades of skin tones with a pops of sea inspired colors makes for a perfect Summer wedding!

Summer Wedding in the Garden
Ribbon top Image:vi.sualize.us ,Glass:Anthropologie,Plate Image, Chris Everard, Dresser Image:Weheartit, Plate:Anthropologie
Peach Dress:Etsy, Ruffle Pillow:Pier 1, Wedding Dress:Vera Wang,Corset Image:Etsy
Nina Sandal: Dillards ,Ruffle Top:Etsy ,Wallpaper:Anthropologie, Vintage Poster:Ffffound
English Garden Sash:Etsy, Brooch:Etsy, Wedding Cake, Bouquet image:weheartit

For me, this board screams summer wedding in the garden! Homemade peach ice cream, vintage wallpaper runners, and a variety of roses picked fresh from the garden. I love the idea of a clean white textured linen with printed glassware and plates to create movement and color.

Summer Wedding in Newport, R.I.
Luichiny Sandal:Endless Wedding Gown:Oscar de la Renta , Ruffle Pillow:Pier 1,Peach Gown image:weheartit
Necklace Image: Marilyn Munroe image:weheartit Ruffle Dress Image:Ffffound
Ruffle Pillow:Pier 1, Sequin Dress: Shopbop, Wedding Cake:The Cake Girls, Champagne image:
Pink champagne truffles image:weheartit, Shoes Image:Weheartit, Staircase Image:Chris Everard, Corset Image:Etsy
Lion Image:,Flower Brooch:Etsy, Ruffle Plate Image:BeachDwelling, Bouquet Image:imgfave

Same palette as above, but a tad more sophisticated. It reminds me of the mansions in Newport, R.I.
Fun flirty ruffled plates, vintage champagne coupes and a little shimmer and glimmer!

Boards designed and created by Chocolate Creative Design.


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