Thursday, February 11, 2010

A spoonful of sugar...

Image found via Hull University

Last week in the Wesson household, I had a very very sick little monster. What started out as a 4 hour nap on Wednesday ended up as a 4 day home infirmary. Anyone who knows my little monster, knows that a 4 hour nap is laughable. I don't even think he took one that long when he was just and infant . Honestly, the child runs in his sleep. We even had to put a side gate on his bed as he is doing the Iron Man Triathalon during REM.

So, during our 4 day retreat, I realized that we didn't have a special bin for sick days. We have bins for first aid, bins for unexpected birthday gifts and bins for travel. But what about those important days spent in bed, too achy to move and too tired to think? So in channeling my inner Martha, I realized that I MUST create one. In doing a little research, during the 4 hour nap, I found a few items that I might just have to order to put into this new magical and parent saving bin...

Imaginary play with a Tattoo..How cool is that?!
Monster Hands: $6.99 at Perpetual Kid.

For those sore throats and keeping your monster hydrated!
Fossiliced: $14.99 for a set of 2 at Perpetualkid.

My absolute favorite...Chew By Numbers, Gum Art Kit.
Creating art and getting messy..Fabulous...Plus it allows us parents a bit of silence to catch up on work...
Gum Art Kit: $14.95 at Chew by Numbers.

I would love to hear about any other items that I might be able to put into my new "Sick Bin".


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Anna Sawin said...

Awesome, mom!

New art supplies, Mad libs or other activity books and downloading an audio book from are all scores in our house, love your ideas!