Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper, Doilys and Lace... Valentine's Decorating for your Sweetie

Doily Table Runner, image Ashley Ann Photography

Paper Poms, Tissue Paper Candles, via Martha Stewart
Lace Votives, via Good HousekeepingGold Paper Doily Luminaries, via Martha Stewart
Vellum Doily Luminaries, via Martha Stewart
Doily Envelopes, via Martha Stewart

Valentines DIY Ideas:
  1. Lace Doily Table Runner (For our Valentine's Soiree at Chamard Vineyards last weekend I made a lace Doily runner out of gold and white paper doilies and strung them together with thread, it is great alternative to the real one pictured above and super easy. You could also take the white doilies and spray them with other colored glitters)
  2. Paper Poms (I searched all over for red and pink poms last week but only could find white ones, I didn't realize it would be just as easy to make them on my own, I just needed packs of tissue paper. This is a very time consuming project but if you want to do them hanging over your table for fun, whimsical pops of color you would only need to make a few. I also love the idea of making small ones to be used as napkin rings. Another fun way to use paper poms is to use branches, you can cut out in your backyard, spray them gold, and wire a couple paper pom flowers throughout, similar to my Thanksgiving centerpiece.
  3. Tissue Paper Candles (I can still remember making these when we were growing up, tissue paper glued to clear glass votives, super easy and gorgeous when lit)
  4. Lace Votives (These are the perfect detail on the table and can also be made with lace ribbon or paper)
  5. Lace Doily Luminaries ( I love these! Using gold doilies or white over translucent vellum you can create two totally different looks)
  6. Doily Love Note Envelope (This is such a cute idea, pictured about they used the envelope for escort cards, I love the idea of writing a love note inside the folded doily and setting it on the table for your valentine to read)

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Marisa said...

I made red paper poms for my son's birthday last week. I made them quickly without the attention to detail Martha would have given it but they looked great nonetheless!