Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let your imagination grow..The Curious Garden

When I saw this post on one of our favorite blogs Oh Joy, my heart skipped a beat. Created by Peter Dungey as an
public art installation piece, it sends powerful yet inspiring messages to all of us who reside on this wildly spinning globe. One of my passions since moving into our antiquated farmhouse has become gardening. It is truly an art form unto itself. Not just about mixing colors, it's timing, weather and giving up control (which is extremely hard for me). But I'm learning and so is my little monster. His Momee (Grandmother) also shares in our passion and this Christmas she gave him one of the most beautiful books ever published. It mimics so closely to what artist Peter Dungey created that it gave me chills up my spine. The Curious Garden by Peter Brown is a must read! I won't even spoil the story, you just need to get it!

Easter is my favorite Holiday. It is all due to my mother who outdid herself every year. It's not just about the bunny but the change of seasons and getting into that Garden! In our house, the Easter Bunny brings way better gifts than Santa. So this year, I thought I would get an early start on those Easter posts. I found some amazing basket fillers that would make any Bunny jealous.

Getting into the Garden.....Kidstyle..
1. Sagaform Kids Gardening Tool Set: $9.95 at Wrapables
2. Kids Watering Can Garden Kit: $19.95 at Wrapables
3.Kids Garden Tools bag: $12.99 at Target.
4.Buzzy Kids 4 pc Garden Tool Tote Set: at Target

1. Insect pocket identifier..figure out what it is before you touch it! $10.95 at gardeningwithkids
2. Ladybug House. Now maybe they will get out of mine! $34.95 at gardeningwithkids
3. Butterfly feeder and Nectar $18.95 at gardeningwithkids
4. Praying Mantis Pagoda. What every Mantis dreams of...$21.95 at gardeningwithkids

1.Tickle me Plant seeds. The plant moves when you touch it! $9.95 at gardeningwithkids
2. Based on the Old fable Stone Soup: Stone Soup Garden Kit: $25.00 at Calliope
3. Personalized Garden in a bag: $16.95 at Wrapables
4. The Eggling (Check out their website!) Comes in various plants, herbs etc: $8.49 at Perpetualkid

So cheers to some new small green thumbs!



dognbird said...

What could be better than a curious garden?!

AmyElements said...

Best post, ever. Thanks Lucinda!

wesson said...

Thank you so much Amy!!!!You just made my day!

Garden Tools said...

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wesson said...

Thank you sooo much Garden Tools!!!