Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer....

Image by chocolate creative design

I am a summer girl...always have been always will be...I love everything about it...well..maybe not the bathing suit part but I'm working on it..
These are things that make me really really happy about summer..
mint chocolate chip ice cream in a sugar cone
warm sand on my feet
the smell of the ocean
the smell of the ocean in my towel
the feel of the ocean on my skin
grilled cheese sandwiches
planting and picking flowers and vegetables from the garden
laundry on the line
A cold Stella Artois with lemon
the way my house smells sweet only in the summer
summer rain
having the car windows rolled all the way down
sun on my back
collecting shells
lobster rolls
sending the monster out to play

So today, we celebrate the first day of Summer and gladly the longest day of the year...

What are your favorite parts of summer??



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

barefeet, the smell of the grill (or lighter fluid as Dan always says that's what I think "smells like BBQ"), and trips down to the beach house on Cape Cod - those to me equal summertime :)

wesson said...

Oooh I miss lighter fluid smell....really I do!

Anna Sawin said...

I agree about the lighter fluid!

iced tea
herb gardens
basil and tomato
eating things that would never qualify as a meal any other time of year (corn and watermelon for dinner? Sure!)
iced coffee

um, I think I just wrote my own blog post. :)

wesson said...

Yummy Miss Sawin....Certainly iced Coffee is at the top of my list!!