Monday, June 21, 2010

Interior Design Project... Area Rugs

With the new hardwood floors has come the great challenge of finding the right area rugs. So far I have ordered 4 different rugs all of which have been completely wrong (getting them shipped was easy, now I have to try to figure out how to send back). I started thinking I wanted a pattern, something bold and with color but then realized after trying a few that they took away from the design of the floor and the fabric we put on the vintage couch was competing way too much. Then I ordered a couple of natural colored rugs, but the Flor carpet tiles looked to industrial and the one from pottery barn blended too much with our coffee table and stone colored couches. So I think I have finally decided on a natural fiber rug, but the question remains gray or straw? What do you think?

Rugs I love but just didn't work...

Reminds me of Jonathan Adler's Chevron Carpet- Rugs Direct, Milliken Chevron Carpet
Wish this one worked, I am in LOVE with the colors, Anthropologie, Arcadian Garden Rug

Pottery Barn, Chunky wool and natural jute rug
Flor, Carpet Tiles

Room Inspiration, love this rug, with a small print rug in the center, next to the gray floors

New Rugs I am deciding between:

West Elm, Platinum, Jute Boucle Rug
Pottery Barn, Color-bound Chenille Jute Rug in honey


Abby said...

I think the last one would work! I have the PB chunky jute rug in my living room and love it - but you are right, against those floors something a little less thick would probably work better.

Of course, I actually love them all :)

TRUE Event said...

If I pick wrong again and don't start returning some of the ones I have already bought I could open a rug store. :) That is the problem for me too I love them all but this room is a real design challenge.

Jared Hales said...

We have a pottery barn rug very similar in our house. We like it a lot, but the fabric edges have begun to look worn and fuzzy in the course of only a couple years. I'd recommend a rug without fabric border simply for durability reasons.

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

I LOVE the anthro rug as an accent piece to anchor the room! You must let us know what you decide when you find "the one" :)

lindsay@sixpence said...

I have PB seagrass in my house. They are beautiful and so durable and you can layer other rugs on them. Good luck! I'm a total home decor nut too.