Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Buzz Media Company production... Karyn & Paul

Every time I meet with a new client I am asked about videography and whether or not I think it is worth the money. And I always have the same response, absolutely!! Pictures tell the story of the day through hundreds of images but video brings the emotion of the day, energy in the room, hidden moments that might have been missed, to life.

Recently I had the chance to work with the oh so fabulous Mike Cyr of Buzz Media Company on Karyn & Paul's wedding at Saltwater Farm, and yesterday the video arrived in my inbox. What a treat! This video answers the question of "Should I have videography at my wedding?" better than I can ever express in words. So if you are still debating, take a look at this video.


Anna Sawin said...

I tell couples the same thing, even though I'm the photographer--video tells the story an entirely different way, especially in the hands of Buzz Media! I so wish we had video from our wedding, I would give ANYTHING to see ourselves in video now. And I would give anything to have had Mike capture it.

wesson said...

I agree with you Miss Sawin!! Buzz Media rocks!!