Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dueling Designers...Part Quatre

Well those crazy designers are at it again and this time the insanely talented Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design, presented me with Pantone 165C for a camping themed board. Little did she know..I had just returned from the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont for a full week of campfires, wool blankets, canoeing and dipping my toes into the cool lake. I definitely surprised her as I whipped out my board in a day...Needless to say, I still had Lake on the brain...

Check out Miss Graver's post on her blog Hello Elements!

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design
Hammock Image:, Vintage Thermos: Betty's Kitschen, Camper Invite:Modern Classic Kids, Hallway Image: Country Living
Tent Print:Gretchen Mist, Boots:, Vintage Canteen: Projecteur,
Wool blanket image: Country Living, Vintage Chair: Etsy, Tree Print: Old School Stationers, Camping Fabric:Little Swede Heart,
Vintage table: Rerunz Vintage Shop, Marshmallow image: Instructables, Canoe image: Country Living ,Camper image: Flickr, Tea Towel: Leanne Graeff,

Boards created and designed by Elements Design and Chocolate Creative Design


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