Friday, August 13, 2010

Cocktails and such...

Image by Dyna Moe

Ok..I confess...I am obsessed with Mad Men. But it's not what you might think. Yes, the stories are compelling but for me it's about everything else...the set design, the costume design and the amazing cinematography. The lighting actually makes me weep. The costumes..let's not get me started...they are to die for and those sets and styling...blows me out of the water every time. Anyone who has been to my house or knows me, knows that I am obsessed with glassware and plates. I love having multiple sets of each and mixing them together. I also use them every day. I refuse for them to be locked away and only brought out on special occasions.

Now anyone who lives in Connecticut knows this name...Ann Nyberg. She is probably the hardest working News Anchor and Reporter EVER!!! In a world where people often get lazy and find themselves behind the computer rather than out and about in their communities(That's me), Ann Nyberg is out there researching, meeting and supporting the State, the Towns and businesses large and small. I also share her obsession for all things vintage. So when I saw this amazing post on her Facebook page..I wanted to jump for joy!!

She had a link to this fabulous shop in Alexandria, Virginia called the Hour Shop. Filled to the brim with all things Vintage I couldn't resist to post. They specialize in all things Cocktail from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Ironically they are located just blocks away from my old apartment above Delaney Realty on 131 N. Washington Street (Just as fate would have it, I later learned that my husband lived blocks away from me at the same time...paths just missing each other by a second).
So I listed a few of my favorites from the shop...Hands off the Pilsners..and for you brides and grooms..they have a great wedding wish list just for you..If only they were around when I got married!
So thank you Ann Nyberg for all your hard work, I raise my Blue Pilsner to you!!

Set of six Teal Polka Dot Old Fashions

This Teal Ice Bucket is amazing!!!

My Favorite!! This set of 6 Blue Pilsners!

Bird Lacquered Tray

Even Miss True couldn't resist this George Briard yellow tray!


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