Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Old Red Rooster...

Images by Anna Sawin Photography

There is no escaping the fact that I live in farm country. If I saunter outside to my flagstone terrace, I can see two dappled mares looking at me through the trees. If I open my bedroom window, I can hear the crows from several roosters that live across the street (fact: they just don't crow in the morning..they crow ALL the time). Besides the incessant crowing, there are some great advantages to living near farms. There are a huge number of farm stands and farmer's markets throughout the region. Our Aunt and Uncle who live down the street from us, raise chickens and if you haven't had a fresh egg before might I suggest you find one. They are delectable! Most of these fresh eggs, meats and vegetables make it into our Stonington Restaurants. Water Street Cafe is one such restaurant that serves those fresh ingredients and Terra Firma Farm is the producer of those amazing eggs that make my favorite Eggs Benedict.

Not just producing fresh vegetables, eggs and meats for the area, Terra Firma Farm also has the best "Farm Camp" for kids that I have ever seen. Ok, so I might be a little biased as the monster has been going there for years but it is really amazing. Anyone who knows my monster, knows that he has been extremely quick on his feet since, well since he was in utero. His goal from his counselors..."See if you can catch the white Guinea Hen" (this hen is the only one left standing due to the fox who has nabbed everyone in it's family, therefore she is quite quick). He has a few more weeks left to attain his goal but has perfected catching every other chicken, rooster and duck he can find.
Bree and Ethan Grimes who started the farm are seriously my heroes(ironically it was his brother's wedding that was one of the first that I ever designed and coordinated). They have 2 young children (one just born months ago), take care of the various animals (goats, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, sheep, ducks, cats, dogs, cows, pigs, Tom the Turkey and one Guinea Hen), take care of the acres upon acres of vegetables and fruits, run a fabulous camp during the summer for over 30 kids a day and an afterschool program in the winter and programs over the weekends and they do it with grace, a sense of humor and passion for what they do. Just last week, the kids made pickles from the cucumbers grown on the farm, made the best tie dye t-shirts I have ever seen, gathered peacock feathers from the farm across the street, romped in the creek and just enjoyed getting dirty, running, jumping and playing...Kids just being kids.

So when I opened my new Pottery Barn catalog, I couldn't help but notice their obsession with the rooster. So in honor of the Grimes family and Tom, Jack and Fred who live across the street and crow to me every day, I found some delectable rooster items both vintage and new for any of you farm lovers.

Muslin Folk Rooster at Middleburg Folk Art Studio, Rooster Burlap Pillow at Les Petits Tresors, Cluck Letterpress card by johnhilljr, Rooster Plates at Pottery Barn
Rooster Napkins at Pottery Barn, Rooster Screenprint at Jeremy T Payne, Rooster Paper Cut Print at RuralPearls, Rooster Tea Towel at Leah Duncan
Rooster Weathervane at Pottery Barn, Vintage Enid Collins Purse at FunkyTime, Rooster Watercolor Painting at Dimdi, Rooster Letterpress card at kseniya, Rooster Watercolor Painting at Kauaiartist
Rooster Letterpress Note Card by 1915press, Rooster Pillow at Anthropologie, Rooster Burlap Pillow Slip at Jolie Marche, Vintage Porcelain Rooster at fabfashion

For more information regarding classes, camp, the farm stand, fresh food or just about those crazy roosters
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