Thursday, August 5, 2010

Burlap.......Phase 2

We are super duper excited here at Chocolate Creative Design to start working on "Phase 2" of Erin & Dan's wedding invitation. The pieces are starting to come together and it's sheer pain not to be able to start unveiling the goods. I can let you in on a little secret though....When I start designing a wedding invitation, I have to imagine myself at the wedding. It's a kind of roll playing...What would I wear to this event after seeing the invitation?
Well, I know exactly what I would wear to Erin and Dan's...Check it out!

A fabulous vintage 1960's Tina Leser raw silk strapless dress. I am loving the frayed edges at the top!!
Dress found via littlethingsvintage on Etsy.

Linen ankle strap heel.
Found via Max Studio

A delicate yet bold amethyst flower necklace.
Necklace found via Anthropologie

Maybe this vintage tassle amethyst bracelet would work...the jury's still out..
Vintage bracelet found via abitofnostalgia on Etsy.

Maybe this scarf to keep the October evening at bay...
Scarf found via Anthropologie

So just a few more weeks away and we can start unveiling but until then I will still be looking for the perfect bracelet to go with this ensemble....



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

oh my god this is beyond perfect! I want to wear this to my wedding!!! Can you please get it and wear it? AH - love it! :)

wesson said...

I wish!!! The 26" waist is next to impossible...Maybe I need to have one made.....