Monday, November 8, 2010

Advent Calendars..The magic of December 1st.. Part 2!

Last year on December 1st, I created a post called Advent Calendars...The Magic of December 1st.
This year, there was no question that I HAD to post earlier, so that you could find the right calendar and then be able to fill them just in the nick of time.
Recently, I found this absolutely creative calendar on Just Something I Made that WILL not break the bank!
I love how she shares with you her secrets on creating it!
You have to check it out and she even has free downloads!!
How perfect to make it into a hide and seek game!

But it doesn't end there...

The Traditionalist
For those of us who miss NYC during the holidays, this one is perfect...Yellow cabs and all!

Metropolitan Museum of Art Advent Calendar- $16.95

Advent Calendar by Stitch Sprite on Etsy-$89

Little Magic Forest Advent Calendar by Dear Adam on Etsy-$42

One of a Kind Natural Advent Calendar in Oatmeal by Dear Adam at Etsy-$82

Recycled License Plate Funky Primitive Advent Calendar by Recycled Art Co on Etsy-$129

Sans Serif Advent Calendar by Rennadeluxe on Etsy-$33

Classic Paper

Eric Carle Advent Calendar-Designed by Ray Marshall- $10.99

Store Bought
Burlap Sack Advent Calendar by Pottery Barn-$99

Bucket & Branch Advent Calendar by Pottery Barn-$299

$299 really?? I definitely think this can be made for a LOT less!!!

The Modernist
White Advent Calendar Tower designed by Christian von Ahn for Philippi on design3000

I can definitely see this in Miss True's Home!!

Happy Hunting and we would LOVE to hear about your favorites as well as the best goodies to fit in them!



Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Eeeek, love the spool idea, so adorable!

wesson said...

Aren't they great Chelsea?!! LOVE your blog!!