Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kerry & Andrew....loopy loops, airplanes and grapes...OH MY!

One of my favorite things about designing wedding invitations is the collaboration and process that is involved with every one of my couples. The process can begin as early as a year out, thus our relationship can begin starting almost immediately after the engagement. Most brides and grooms are eager to get their Save the Date out as quickly as possible...who can blame them..they are in love and want the world to know! As Paper Designers, we get to be there in the beginning...There is so much excitement, wonder and energy in that first meeting. We are allowed the priviledge to set the tone for the event in our first piece of paper....

I find that when I start designing for my couples, it is much easier to come up with a few design motifs that will travel throughout each piece of their celebration. A perfect example is that of Kerry and Andrew's wedding....It started with the graphic grape design and then a vintage styled loopy loop airplane was added (It was so liberating to finally bring pencil to paper with the airplane motif as well as honor Saltwater Farm Vineyard's history). Just as important to continue the color scheme throughout, these motifs help to bring cohesion, beginning with the Save the Date and ending the moment the guests step into the reception.

The hardest part in designing paper for weddings.....the fact that we don't get to see the final reveal...Usually that day my cuticles are non existant...dying to see a years worth of work and the couples faces as they walk into the room...Luckily for me, photographers like Justin and Mary Marantz have the amazing abilty to capture perfectly not only those details but the emotion and love of their couples, their families and their guests.. When I saw these images from Kerry and Andrew's wedding...ok yes there was a tear...I felt extreme gratitude to Justin and Mary for allowing me, through their imagery, to walk alongside Kerry and Andrew.

Gorgeous table design by Sarah True of True Event and
breathtaking flowers by Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design

The grape motif from the Save the Date made it on the custom wine bottle table numbers and the loopy loop accented the delicious menu by Jordan Caterers.

The vintage loopy loop airplane showcased the most decadent flavored cakes and cupcakes ever concocted
by Victoria of Toria Dolce

Collaboration at it's best...Andrew and Kerry originally wanted their Save the Date to be a coaster but as every great design idea can change and morph, Kerry came up with the idea of having coasters for guests to sign and then later laminate them to use in their home. They opened up a fun dialoge as they had sayings such as
"Having a husband is like", "Having a wife is like", " A key to a good marriage" and "Always remember to"
(I'm dying to see what many had written!)

One of my favorites....Not just because the windows came from my antiquated home (I had to secretly get them out so as not to let the husband know they were leaving) but that they were made with love from Kerry's familly who beautifully and painstakingly handwrote all the guests names..

So cheers to Kerry and Andrew who allowed me to add a little whimsey and become not only a part of their fabulous day but a part of their lives as well.

To Miss True who made the collaboration possible.

And to the Marantz's, who beautifully captured their day and allowed me to silently walk and admire two families come together.



True Event said...

The paper was absolutely amazing!! It is one of the most essential elements in weaving all of the details through the event to tell a story! You totally rocked it Wesson! Loved all of the details/design from this wedding! So much fun.

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

So beyond gorgeous & so creative (as always!) what a beautiful, meaningful detail to add to the wedding!