Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Business Cards.....wood

This morning, I was joyfully handed this card  by the fabulous Ms. Anna Lathrop who owns Gourmet Galley.  I have had the privilege of working on many weddings with Anna over the years.  I am so happy for her to have collaborated with another friend of ours, Christine Toner, who owns Stonington Design and Paperie, to rebrand Anna's amazing company. Christine and her sidekicks always seem to get it right.  This is a perfect example of knowing your client and producing pieces that will get you noticed. Using extra extra thick paper and letterpress printing, Christine and her crew were able to tell Anna's story.  And if you don't know Anna's story,  please check out Gourmet Galley and if you're lucky enough, a handmade scone at her kitchen table.  Bravo Ladies!!!


christine said...

lovely of you to feature the gourmet galley card. trish and i have such a fabulous time collaborating with anna and victoria. many thanks!

Anna Sawin said...

Gorgeous work and what a perfect, personal touch to show the woodgrain!

RD Robertson said...

Nice visiting card designs.I like it.