Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting...

Wine of the Week
Flavium Crianza Bierzo, $8.99

I had never heard of the Mencia varietal until I discovered this amazing wine through my friend at Country Roads Wine Shop in Marlborough, CT. It is a new favorite! Who said wine had to be expensive to be good?!

What the experts are saying about it:

With a creamy body and smoky structure, this spicy Spanish red is a great discovery. Bursting with ripe fruit and zesty flavors from the unique Mencia grape variety, the wine is delicious on the palate with soft ripe fruit flavors, and sour cherry aromas. -via

"90 points for 9 Bucks"
- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

"This wine is too delicious and too inexpensive not to try at least one bottle of."-Mitch Ancona

"The Mencia varietal is considered to be the direct ancestor and precursor of Cabernet Franc and hails from the plantings of the earliest Roman settlers in Bierzo some two thousand years ago. In the Bierzo, the average age of the vines is quite old and the contemporary emphasis on quality wine rather than quantity has led to the formation great states producing great wines like this delicious mencia. - Wine Advocate

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