Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Business

Genius! Green with a sense of humor. This business card was created by Chad Rea. Chad Rea has been known in the design world as one of the most innovative art directors of our generation. His latest project has been the amazing website Ecopop, which successfully covers all areas of our life and how to be more eco-friendly. Bravo!
While we are on the subject of plantable paper, I just wanted to show you how easy it is to work with. My son's school, A Child's Garden Montessori was having its 25th anniversay party to raise money for the school. This is the design of the save the date for the cocktail party and live auction. It is exactly the type of project that I love to be a part of; raising money for a good organization, and doing it on a limited budget. Sounds crazy? Yes, but it brings out a certain creativity and allows me to go back to those late night art school days with Exacto knife in hand and being one with the paper.

I had just created the new logo and had stumbled upon the plantable paper. It was a perfect fit. For me, it is always a perfect fit to be able to design on a play of words. So, by using the inkjet friendly seeded paper, I was able to transform it into a coaster. The design lent itself to be both adult and child friendly. The paper was easy to work with, and printed perfectly on my little ink-jet. The difficult part, was the cutting of the circles. 200 plus!! Fortunately, it brought us all together and made for a lot of laughs.
So a huge thanks to the ladies from A Child's Garden Montessori who allowed me to make this crazy design a reality.
And to all those paper punch companies, when are you going to make a circle hole punch larger than 2.5 inches?!

Here are some amazing sites for the plantable paper:
Bloomin Promotions
Plantable Paper
Favors with Seeds

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