Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adding a little sparkle to your waist...

I have realized that when women hit a certain age, we finally have the ability to accept our bodies. Don't get me wrong.. fully accepting is a strong word but at least we can acknowledge the shape we have been given. I am an apple. No, not the fruit, but the body shape. Sometimes, I honestly feel like (and this will date me), "Timer" who hankers for a hunk of cheese. Yet, I am slowly figuring out how to use a little smoke and mirrors to improve this 5'4" apple shape of mine. One such device is the belt. As an apple, we really have no defined waist, therefore we must create the illusion of one. I have always hated belts as they feel extremely uncomfortable on my body, but alas, no pain, no gain. So when I came across these amazing "bridal" belts on Etsy, I wondered why should all the brides have all the fun?! I enlisted Ms. True (and myself) to create an outfit using one of the fabulous belts designed by the talented Avishag Kopelman of LittleWhiteDresser.

We hope you enjoy and remember..if you're going to cinch might as well sparkle!

1. Golden Garden Belt-LittleWhiteDresser
2. Young, Fabulous and Broke Faux Fur Vest- ShopBop
3. James Pearce Long Sleeve V T-Shirt in White- ShopBop
4. Zambos & Siega Twiggy Clutch- ShopBop
5. Vince Leather Leggings-ShopBop
6. Loeffler Randall Wendy Knit Cuff Booties-ShopBop
7. ginette_ny Straw Earrings-ShopBop

1. Silvery Belt, LittleWhiteDresser
2. PF PAOLA FRANI Dress, Yoox
3. Cubist Chandelier Earrings, Anthropologie
4. Captured Gems Bracelet, Anthropologie
5. Gap Navy Opaque Tights, Asos
6. Betsey Johnson Law Sequin Heels, Piperlime
7. Bi Buddha Serena Small Clutch, Piperlime
8. Chiseled Ice Cuff-Anthropologie



Anna Sawin said...

Now what about us pears? :)
Love the sparkle, Miss Apple!

wesson said...

Pears look fabulous in belts!!!!