Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Pisces..

Ok so I married a fish. He might not have Michael Phelps speed, but he certainly has the most beautiful stroke that I have ever seen and glides through the water like a dolphin. He also happens to be a Pisces and most recently has become obsessed, along with our monster, with saltwater fishing. Needless to say, with the help of his Mom, our house is filled with subtle reminders of our big fish.
For today's mood board, I have shaken things up a bit. I have been scouring the internet for some rather unique objects to add to our collection. I was inspired by the fish tiles that flank the walls in our monster's bathroom (probably my favorite room in the house and also the only one that's really finished). Our house primarily consists of these "water" colors, so as to constantly remind us of the ocean that we love so much.

So Happy Birthday fish man. Spring will be here soon enough.

Barnacle Pinched Pots: $28.00 for 3 at Etsy, Ceramic fish plates: $19.50 each at Whimsy Home Decor, Little Fish Drinking Glasses: $11.50 each at Beach Dwelling, Fish Chandelier: Scabetti
Coral Sea Foil Fish Pillow: $31.99 at Organize, Tall Barnacle Vase: $722.95 at Bellacor, Vintage Fish Vase: $55.00 at Etsy, Gocco Fish Prints: $30.00 at Etsy
Fish Tile: $32.00 at Trillium, Fish Vases: $823 for 3 at Organize, Shells embroidered pillows: $38.99 each at Organize,
Barnacle Centerpiece: $325 at Cerulean, Derwent Wallpaper in blue/silver: At Osborne & Little, Vintage Sascha Brastoff Fish Bowl: $44.00 at Etsy, Fish Hurricane: $44.99 at Organize, Fish fabric: Lulu DK


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