Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're Movin on Up....Chocolate Creative Design

Image: Chocolate Creative Design

I can hardly contain myself and I am about to jump out of my skin with some exciting news! I have had my studio in the Velvet Mill in Stonington for 2 years now. It was a true labor of love and it required a huge amount of elbow grease to put it all together. But today, Chocolate Creative Design is officially moving! Not far, just up. We will still be at 22 Bayview Avenue in the Velvet Mill but upstairs in the gallery in Studio F. The offiical move in date is April 1st but it might take a bit more time beautifing the space. I have some great new neighbors, an interior designer and faux finisher, a fashion designer and some painters. In the upcoming weeks I will keep you all up to date as the adventure begins!!



Anna Sawin said...

Can't wait for the opening! So exciting!

wesson said...

Thank you Ms. Sawin! Can't wait to see your images on my walls!!

buzzmediacompany.com said...

Way to go Lucinda~Mike and I can't wait to see it and come by for a visit!