Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let your imagination grow...Burlap...Ooo la la!!!

I try to keep all of my posts free of controversial topics such as religion and politics but I think just this once I might have to impose on all of you a few of my beliefs...The countless hours and years of wearing itchy tights, sitting still and having "school" on Sundays unfortunately did not turn me into an good Episcopalian (sorry mom) but rather it turned me into a more spiritual person. As the years have passed, I have realized that things happen for a reason. And when they do, whether good or bad, it is so that we can learn and move on the next stage of our lives. People come and go, we form relationships, we end relationships but each one is very important to the growth of our psyche. I know I sounds very touchy feely ( maybe it's the countless hours of Kung Fu Panda) but for me it is something that I have become very aware of and it keeps me sane while living on this wildly spinning globe. I guess.. to each her own...So that being said, I will try and get to the point.
What I am learning, is that all the relationships we form with others stems from a particular need in that moment in our lives. It is always when we least it expect it but it is there subconsciously waving an invisible flag inside each of us.
As in an earlier post, I spoke about someone very dear to me who allowed my imagination to grow...It was 7 years ago that the fabulous Ms. Crawford entered my life and changed it forever.
These amazing sparkly, creative, shiny people don't come around every day as there seems to be very few of them out there in the world. I guess they can be considered as soulmates for the creative soul. So imagine meeting two of them in your didn't seem at all possible...
So when the phone call came for an impromptu creative meeting with a bride for her invitations..I never would have guessed, while wiping sleep from my eyes, hair thrown haphazardly into a ponytail and a ginormous cup of coffee in hand, that it would honestly be another one...
Her name was Erin St.Thomas. And as I listened to her speak with grand enthusiasm about herself, her family, her fiance Dan and her home, it honestly gave me chills up my spine. It was like looking through a magical looking glass at my life 11 years ago. Meeting the love of your life, purchasing an antiquated farmhouse, adopting a stray cat (ours was a pit bull mix but I think Mr. Boots could seriously take him), getting engaged and now planning a wedding. Let's not forget that we completely share the same design esthetic...So there were many more emails and many more phone calls so that I could delve into her life. She too had just started a blog called Sparkle and Hay (if you know her then you know the title is perfect!) which blew me away and I insist that everyone check it out! So the time came to finally meet in person (this after months of cancelled visits due to the brutal New England winter). Now,most creative visits should only take at least 1-2 hours.....this..well this was an entire day...I thought it only fair after delving into her life she delve into mine...Before we knew it..the monster had arrived via he hopped..a little shy but before long he had dragged every sport equipment we own out of the basement to share with his newly acquired friend. Never missing a beat,and in flip-flops nonetheless, she continued to play football with him for hours..She had captured his heart and now whenever I am working on "Erin's stuff" he proudly says (with a gleam of love in his eye) "Ok Mommy, that's VERY important".
So without further adieu....this is the story of Erin & Dan's Save the Date:
From the wonderful meetings and emails..This is what I found out: They were engaged in Paris, Her Family is of French descent, They purchased a beautiful old Federal Home in Connecticut. She loves to be creative and loves DIY projects. She loves Anthropologie (who doesn't). They love vintage pieces because they tell a story. Farm textures such as burlap, galvanized metals, raw woods and hay make her scream with delight. They are to be married at St. Mary's Church in Stonington and their reception will be at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. She really loves him and He REALLY loves her.

So,with that in mind and a complete 50/50 collaboration filled with joy, tears and we go..

What I loved most about the process with Erin was that we are equally as crazy. We allowed each other to think outside the box and because she was willing to do alot of the work herself...the dream became possible.
So what transpired between two creative and crazy ladies? Check it out!:
A simple burlap pouch (much like vintage seed bags), was hand screen printed and filled with clues to their upcoming wedding. They were : A bunch of lavender, a used cork from the Vineyard's own wine, a piece of hay and mini paper airplanes made from vintage french books (as the Vineyard was once an airport and the building is a vintage hangar).

The mood board
This is what Miss True (who is designing and coordinating the wedding) and I created for Erin & Dan

The bag design:
Plenty of fleur de lis's, the crane logo from Saltwater Farm Vineyard and a new custom stamp for them to use throughout the wedding.

Image by Anna Sawin Photography
The secret contents...Dan did a great job folding all those airplanes!!

Image by Anna Sawin Photography
The bag itself...printed with my new Yudu...quite the process but worth the effort!

Image by Anna Sawin Photography
Handmade tea stained tags. One describing the event and the other directing guests to their wedding website.

Image by Anna Sawin Photography

Front of the tag

Image by Anna Sawin Photography

Back of the tag

So, I am sure people are wondering about how the heck it was sent..
We created a custom label with the other design elements, popped them into a white mailing bag and to the guests they went..

Image by Anna Sawin Photography

The back

Image by Anna Sawin Photography

Others were hand delivered by Erin & Dan.
She took clear plastic bags, filled them with paper and hundreds of hand-cut paper fleur de lis and wrapped it all up with twine...See... she is just as crazy as me!!

So one of my favorite parts....
I love creating designs that can serve 2 purposes....Well she beat me to it. On their wedding website, she posts creative ideas for their guests to try with their newly acquired burlap bags!!

So to sum up a VERY long post..
I would just like to thank Erin and Dan for their trust in allowing me to be as crazy creative as possible.
Thank you Erin for helping and watering my imagination so that it can grow again.

I honestly can't wait for the rest but most importantly to watch the two of you grow as a couple and eventually as a family..I know we will have many more creative projects throughout the years but most importantly an amazing lifelong friendship.



Anna Sawin said...

okay, you're making me TEARY--how lucky are we to have this wonderful couple!

Debbie said...

This is absolutely lovely. Erin and Dan's wedding will be wonderful, unique,and memorable.
Debbie, Erin's Mom

wesson said...

Debbie...You did an amazing job...I hope my monster turns out 1/2 as good as your princess!

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Maria said...

Love this! Love the finished product and truly appreciate and admire the thought, creativity, and care that inspired it!