Friday, August 6, 2010

Dueling Designers..Part Deux!

Remember that Rubber Ducky Party Board Challenge started by Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design? Well the tables have been turned and finally it was I who was to choose the color and theme....I couldn't resist picking Pantone 127-5-1 C, a wonderful grass green, as it reminded me of picnics, lawn games, lemonade, deviled eggs and just lying in the cool cool grass counting the clouds in the sky...Miss Graver certainly delivered (as usual) but what I love most.....great minds think alike...Check out Miss Graver's blog for more.....

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design
Roasted Apples & Ice Cream: Cannelle et Vanille, Wallpaper: Anthropologie, Skirt, Anthropologie, Bread, Sunday Suppers, Croquet: Jose Villa
Green Bike: Amy Rae, Bento Box: Plastica, Bag: Anthropologie, Mason Jar Lemonades:Farflungfiancee , Shade:Anthropologie, Cheese: Sunday Suppers
Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet Cones; Cannelle et Vanille, Plate: Anthropologie, Audrey Hepburn, Sugar snap peas: Tartlette

Boards created and designed by Elements Design and Chocolate Creative Design


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